Our Curriculum

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“Together we can make a Difference in each child’s life and future"

The Thematic Program

The thematic approach is planned to accommodate individual interests, abilities and rates of learning while fostering climate of teamwork and mutual support. It is integrated and organised around themes, with many hands-on activities and in-depth study of content. A strong citizenship program emphasizes perseverance, responsibility and other life skills. Assessment of Learning is based on individual growth and performance.

Why is Curriculum Integration important?

  • Students see relationships among ideas and concepts as they plan and experience a theme based inquiry,
  • Relationships between in-and out-of-school topics become more obvious to students,
  • Communication processes become authentic as students engage in thematically-based learning activities
  • Students are encouraged to share ideas
  • Respect and cooperation among peers are expanded through interaction,
  • Students become more engaged / responsible for their own learning
  • The teacher assumes the role of facilitator,
  • Assessment is authentic, continuous and related to learning endeavours

The integrated curriculum include:

Our curriculum is closely in lined with the Ministry of Education of Singapore Preschool Education Branch. http://www.moe.gov.sg/education/preschool

The MOE curriculum focuses on:

Our school adopts this FRAMEWORK and has injected the above mentioned elements into our learning

In Greenfield, we view this integrated approach as a tool and not as a separate part of the curriculum. The program allows children to love learning and find more creative ways to solve a problem.