About Us

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“Together we can make a Difference in each child’s life and future"

The Beginning:

Greenfield Montessori began its journey on July 2007. Ms Jane the founder of Greenfield retired in March 2011 and handed over the reins to Ms Vasugi.

Ms Vasugi holds Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education from University of South Australia, Diploma in Pre-School Education (Leadership) from RTRC (Singapore), Diploma in Pre-school Education (Teaching) from Wheelock College (Boston, US).

She started her career in childhood education as an Assistant Teacher in 2000. Over the next 6 years, she progressed from being an Assistant Teacher to Principal rising through the ranks, gaining vast experiences along the way. She has been a Principal in thematic and Montessori based schools. Hence, she is knowledgeable in the curriculum and philosophies of both schools.

Ms Vasugi advocates the importance of young children's first six years as a high proportion of physical and mental development takes place during this period. Hence, she believes the primary role of the early childhood educator is to develop young children physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Driven by her passion and determination, she has brought Greenfield Montessori to a higher level by integrating Thematic and Montessori approaches to learning. She integrates Montessori's concrete hands on experience into Thematic approach emphasizing small group teaching which allows teachers to focus on children.